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L'Wispurrs Persians

Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee for:

(This is a legal document - Please read carefully)

L'Wispurrs Cattery guarantees the health of this kitten for 72 hours (3 days) from the date of purchase, only if the kitten is checked by a licensed veterinarian within this period. If the veterinarian finds anything which he/she feels to be life-threatening, he/she must provide written documentation immediately to the breeder as proof. The buyer may then choose another kitten of equal or lesser value if available. If no kitten is available at this time, one may be chosen from the next litter. This guarantee is only good for the health of the kitten, it does not include size, color, or show success. These are all determined by quality and each individual owner as care and presentation vary. If the buyer does not wish to have the kitten checked by a licensed veterinarian, he/she is agreeing to take the kitten "as is" with no health guarantee. This kitten is purchased with the strict understanding that he/she  is to be kept indoors to prevent disease and unnecessary accidents. Neglect or abuse to this kitten deems this contract "null and void". The breeder may then take possession of the kitten with no refund or exchange to the buyer. Promp return of the kitten in good health and all fee incurred therewith are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

If this contract is ever broken in any way, the buyer will be fined $5000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars and no/100) for "Breech of Contract" payable to L'Wispurrs Persians / Renee' Lewis through a court of law in the state of South Carolina, county of Horry.

I have read the Purchase Contract and Health Guarantee. I understand the conditions and agree to them.

                Buyer's Signature: ____________________________________  Date: ______________________

                            City: _____________________________________________________________________

L'Wispurrs Persians - Renee' Lewis (Owner)
PO Box 452
Loris, SC 29569
(843) 756-PURR