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Ch. Peña's Soriana Blanca of L'Wispurrs 

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"Sierra" is a copper-eyed white female

We are awaiting a litter from Sierra and  Sabastian


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              Ch. Steeplechase Kachina of L'Wispurrs

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                      "Kachina" is a Copper-Eyed White Female with Grand Points

She is now living in New Jersey with Donna Jo Dzienisiewski of Silver Paws 


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                                             Ch. L'Wispurrs Jeepers Peepers

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"Salem" is  a black female

(Pictured here at 4 months)

She is now playing the slots in Las Vegas with her

new MoeFancy family.



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Ch. Steeplechase Kiss N' Tell of L'Wispurrs

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"Kissie" is a tortoiseshell female

Now living in Alabama with Linda Lamb of Man-Atzacat


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